We are R-O-H-B-A-U

If you have never heard of DIGITAL FASHION before, you are not alone. The concept of digital fashion is so brand-new, nobody can fully grasp its full potential yet. It is clear, though, that it is a movement that will redefine how fashion is worn in the future. Behind it lies the conviction that digital fashion fully embraces the potential of being fully sustainable. At R-O-H-B-A-U, we strongly believe that we are at the frontier of fashion. With our digital-first-approach, we are leading an avantgarde movement that will shape the future of the industry and how the world looks at sustainability of streetwear.

We are D-I-G-I-T-A-L

For the first collection R-O-H-B-A-U has worked with Central Saint Martins alum ASSAF REEB and IVA, a digital fashion startup based in Berlin and London

Instead of buying extravagant designer pieces for shitloads of money, only to flex it on the gram once, we have developed a process that will digitally render our first collection onto your body; for the fraction of the price of a physical garment.

Once you purchase a digital item of your choice, our team of digital tailors digitally adjusts it to your individual body shape. Our digital collection isn’t ‘one size fits all’, it is ‘one size fits you’.

You will find the detailed process on our product page.

We are P-H-Y-S-I-C-A-L 

We aim to be a digital-only fashion brand in the near future. Until then, physical collections of high end streetwear will accompany or digital drops.  

At the root of our premium quality physical collection lays a radical resistance to fast fashion. We create ECO-FRIENDLY clothing that is built to last and contributes as little as possible to the massive wave of environmental pollution created by the fashion industry in the past and coming decades.

TRANSPARENCY is crucial, so we have to admit that we can’t claim the title of a fully sustainable brand yet. All of our garments are already eco-friendly, but not completely GOTS certified yet. We are committed to eco-optimize the shit out of every collection we’re dropping, so you not only get the highest QUALITY garments possible, but also have the least possible impact on the environment.